These amazing 3D handmade tiles are a pure creative expression of uniqueness and a wonderful way to give personality to your space!

Why are 3D handmade tiles special?

Offering you exciting surfaces we try to create a new experience strongly influenced by textures, colours, visual and tactile sensations that altogether build the atmosphere.

This collection is reflecting the knowledge built and recognized for years of the Portuguese craftsmanship. Handmade one by one with Portuguese materials and techniques, the result is a unique and contemporary set of pieces with a modern look and a story to tell.

From Portugal with love – edgy creativity and experienced craftsmen in design

You can also see some of the traditional Portuguese patterns with a ‘fresh face’ and with texture, enhancing its beauty and unique feeling.
The colours and effects on the tiles take us back to how tiles used to be done, with techniques like crackled effect, enameled look, the typical tones found in Portuguese buildings covered in tiles and pottery but with a great shot of modernity and tridimensionality. These patterns enable a beautiful decor of wall art, possible in various surroundings.

For a simple kitchen back splash, to cover a wall or just to make a decorative panel, the versatile shapes will let you decide what pattern you want to make and let your personality be expressed through its texture.

Wall panels and tables with 3D handmade tiles

Besides this beautiful assortment of decorative handmade tiles you can also find amazing wall panels and tables made with them. The 3-dimensional wall panels and tables are the perfect element to decorate your home or project, working like a piece of art of incomparable beauty and value. Creating a modern or traditional look in your space.