Our carpet collection will fade away any old-fashioned idea you might have of this material.

Experience carpet designs in a contemporary way

A super fresh collection made of vibrant colours and ‘new age’ designs, creating one of the richest assortments in the market. Every floor design tells a different story and experience defining a space in a whole new way. These modern carpets were made to cultivate enthusiasm, create a vision and desire.
Each carpet design is an experience, has a story to tell and contains a new perspective that defines space in a whole new way.

Carpet flooring as a solution

The inspiration for these carpet floors come from the most varied sources and produces a wide variety of carpet styles, patterns and textures. From standard to customized solutions, with nature-inspired pattern, geometric structures, art-inspired shapes and so much more to discover. The goal is to create the ideal environment for your home or business using this beautiful product and transmit your personality and project needs through it. An energetic workspace, a relaxed atmosphere at home, a leading design space… For residential or commercial use, adapted to your needs, you will find it with us!

Some of our products:

  • Carpet for bedroom
  • Carpet for stairs
  • Carpet for living room
  • Carpet for office, hotel, shop…

Sustainability and quality in one material

Sustainability and well-being are two important values for our carpet brand as well as reducing water consumption, recycling and social equality. The analysis of the entire production cycle in order to minimize the impact of the industry on the climate is a must.

See carpet floors in our showroom

If you are looking for a carpet solution for your home or business come by and let us inspire you! Visit our showroom in Amsterdam Noord.