March News Wrap Up! :)

We are ending our month full of highlights - follow the link and discover all the great things that happened this month! https://mailchi.mp/69bd916281a3/march-wrap-up-floor-studio-ndsm?fbclid=IwAR2QoaemuUD_hUZ22NmYOJb4tswvTLcZV_wpqNeHgRX3pd-G6_tWb7unhz4

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Yoga and Reiki Meditation @ Floor Studio NDSM by Abstract Yoga

Your root chakra is the energy center of your foundation. Connected with your natural instinct, financial stability, certainty of path, security in your life, the core of TRUST. This will be a yin-yang workshop, we will start with a dynamic yoga practice to activate your wild roots. Afterwards, we will move towards stillness, specially for [...]

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Floor Studio NDSM & WastedLab, for a better society and a better planet!

Floor Studio NDSM recently joined forces with the WastedLab initiative, fully supported by the Gemeente of Amsterdam. The system is simple and super easy to join - all you have to do is to keep recycling like you already did or just start if you didn't do it before -, and then by scanning the [...]

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The cold is coming to stay!❄️ Have you thought about that floor that makes you feel cozy and warm in your favorite space?! Come by and have a look at our cool floors... carpet, tiles, wood, pvc, microcement, it's all here. And also a hot cup of coffee to share ☕

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