Ceramic tiles are both beautiful and very durable. Visit our showroom in Amsterdam!

A lot of people still don’t know how creative and beautiful a floor made with ceramic (sometimes know as porcelain) tiles can be. In these last years, a lot of innovation in the ceramic tiles has taken place. There are countless looks, colours and sizes.

Benefits of having a floor with ceramic tiles

Nowadays high quality ceramic floor tiles can achieve exceptional levels of design. Wood parquet look, stone look, concrete look, metal look, fabric inspired structures, you name it… It is endless what a ceramic floor tile has to offer. The best thing is that you do not need to compromise the design in favor of the functionality or the other way around… both are possible!

Just some examples of what we have:

  • Wood look tiles
  • Concrete look tiles
  • Natural stone look tiles
  • Hard stone look tiles
  • Marble look tiles

The perfect solution for your project

The sizes are varied. From the standard 60x60cm and 75x75cm to the most modern ones such as 75x150cm, 120cmx120cm or even the 120cmx240cm slabs, we ensure that you get the latest trends. Ceramic tiles are a great alternative to wood, laminate or carpet. Discover this material and the different designs that we have to offer from a super modern range in our showroom.

The strongest features of the ceramic tiles are its resistance to scratching, breaking and water absorption. This means that you get a very durable floor, suitable for almost all spaces, either indoors or outdoors – bathroom, living room, swimming pool and much more. The resistance to friction and UV also ensures good colour fastness over the years.

Check our tiles in our showroom

We are happy to explain everything about our ceramic wall tiles collection and also to give you the best tips to help you choose the most suitable product for your space.

Come to our showroom and be inspired! See our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page and visit our studio in Amsterdam Noord.