The decorated cement tiles are one of the most special handmade floor and wall products we have. Visit our showroom in Amsterdam!

Entirely manufactured piece by piece, these tiles tell the story of our ancestors and how these pieces use to decorate our outside and inside spaces filling them with colours and patterns.

Craftsmanship and quality

We have an excellent team of craftsmen and extensive quality control procedures guaranteeing exceptional standards since the XIX century. Only two companies are still using this technique in Spain and it’s with extreme pride that we offer these pieces to our clients, avoiding this beautiful art and knowledge to disappear.

Patterns and shapes

The shapes and sizes respect generally the traditional measurements but there is space for innovation and modernity. Our main formats are:

  • Square format
  • Rectangular format
  • Hexagonal format
  • Octagonal format
  • Diamond format
  • Curved format

The thickness of our handmade cement tiles has fixed measurements of 1,4cm (for walls), 1,6cm (common for wall and floors) and 1,9cm (for floors). Skirting tiles can also be produced matching your wall or floor tiles.

A special product with a special service

We offer a 360 degrees service for the most demanding clients and their needs either for private or commercial projects. Some other services  are also part of our mission to make the cement tiles live forever.

We reproduce customised tiles and designs for restoration in the following cases:

  • If pieces (tiles) are missing to complete a floor.
  • If you want to recreate a design that has special meaning for you.
  • If there are certain areas of your mosaic or pieces (tiles) that are extremely worn and you would like to restore them. We definitely have the solution.

Because we know that sometimes our costumers need just a very small quantity of cement tiles to decorate a small area like a kitchen wall or a small patio or balcony, we have a selection of tiles in stock. These already produced items are ready to be shipped and will save you some time!

Check our tiles in our showroom

Our cement tiles are formulated to be micro-polished piece by piece, therefore maintaining a high level of resistance to wear and staining. Our technicians create an exceptional finish on our hydraulic tiles.

Come to our showroom and be inspired! See our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page and visit our studio in Amsterdam Noord.