Tradition meets modernity and design in a very special way. Visit our showroom in Amsterdam!

From the city of Iznik in Turkey we bring you a collection of authentic handmade quartz tiles and tableware.

Why are handmade Iznik tiles special?

These ceramics are produced using traditional techniques and employing contemporary technologies. The turkish Iznik Foundation is the sole producer of the original 16th-century traditional Iznik tiles and possesses unique knowhow.

The most distinctive aspect of Iznik Foundation ceramics is the use of quartz. The special type of artistic quartz wall tile produced by the İznik Foundation is referred to as “chini”, distinguishing it from standard industrial tiles or any other handmade tiles.

Unique colours

Made from crystal quartz, Iznik tiles are coloured with a crystal-based glaze using the in-house developed organic coloured metal oxide pigments. The colours of the hand painted tiles reflect the shades of semi-valuable gems, for example coral red, malachite or turquoise green, and the dark blue of lapis lazuli.

Advanced designs in beautiful spaces

Iznik Foundation tiles are currently being used in both traditional and contemporary contexts in a wide array of designs, from established patterns originating in Islamic mathematics and decorative arts to the contemporary designs of Zaha Hadid and Ettore Sottsass.

These handmade tiles designs harmonize with the architecture of the structure they grace and are exquisitely beautiful, complementing other natural building materials such as wood or metal.

Custom made panels, furniture details and branding

The Iznik Foundation also produces custom-made panels and murals based on – but not limited to – the styles found in the tiles. These panels can range from a wall of simple monochromatic square tiles to a complex mosaic or decorative patterns in the wall panel. Due to these authentic turkish designs the tiles are a popular solutions for kitchen and bathroom.

Besides that also furniture and branding can be done with these amazing tiles as you can check in our gallery.

All these elements are hand painted by skilled artisans and can be integrated into any architectural setting on both exterior and interior surfaces. You imagine, we make it happen!

The Turkish Foundation is also famous for iznik pottery (dishes, pots, bowls, vases, candle holders, etc.), called ‘evani’, in addition to tiles.

Come to our showroom and get inspired! See our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page and visit our studio in Amsterdam Noord.