One of the most promising products we have found, our microcement collection is a modern and wonderful way to (re)style your space.

Much loved by our architects and interior designers, this material makes a great statement in modernity and uniqueness.

Modern look with a microcement floor

Thanks to the properties of this material it is possible to create a clean and no-joints look, transmitting the idea of continuity in one space. This way it is possible to connect areas and make an harmonious style suitable for any part of the house, living room, kitchen, hallway or even bathroom and toilet. The versatility of the microcement and microconcrete allows us also to cover not only floors but also walls, furniture, stairs and doors.

The application method consists in six layers making the material resistant and unique. Textures and tridimensionality are the result of a wonderful work and expertise. Microcement and microconcrete are durable materials making them a good investment and a stylish solution in a house.

Stylish solution for the bathroom

Microcement and microbeton can be also used in bathrooms, showers and washbasins, thanks to a water resistant layer that insulates against humidity. This makes it a great solution to decorate or renovate the bathroom, as you can apply it on existing surfaces like tiles for example or choose any colour. Microcement and microconcrete create a sleek look, with the possibility of a ‘one look’ style.

What is the difference between microcement and microconcrete?

Microcement and microconcrete are different in appearance and serve different purposes. Microcement is more suitable for housing projects and due to its thinner grain creates a more ‘watery’ effect or look on the surface after getting mixed with the other components. Visually we see more ‘highs and lows’ in shades that can be controlled to get more or less evident depending on the taste of the costumer. The result is a smooth surface, great to walk on with bare feet.
Microconcrete is more suitable for heavy traffic areas, often used in shops, offices and other public areas. The fact that the grain is heavier it gives it a rougher appearance, still very modern but with a more solid colour.
Due to the rich application process and technique you can see the spatula movement on the surface making every project unique.

Check all designs from our microcement suppliers in our showroom

We are happy to explain everything about our microcement and microconcrete and give you the best tips to help you choose the most suitable product for your space. Come to our showroom and be inspired! See our photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page and visit our studio in Amsterdam Noord.