Wallpaper has always been there… but it has never been so exciting!

This wallpaper collection is a wave of inspiration to easily decorate, redecorate or just to give that special touch to your space or project.

Wallpaper is no longer the textured flowery grandma thing that was scaring everyone some years ago. It became a modern artistic expression, working more like a painting and less as a pattern repetition in structured wallpaper. Techniques are sharper than ever and wallpaper has now even a base with a metal yarn where the artworks become alive in 3D and reflecting the light inside.

What inspires this collection of wallpaper?

Inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us. From nature to classic art, contemporary design, modern materials, pop art, vintage… a pure and infinite trip made of emotions, signs, memories and visions. With a super creative team and versatile assortment, our wallpaper collection reflects the dynamic of these people’s experiences on a cultural, professional and artistic levels.

Made to measure just for you

Every request is unique and made to measure. You choose a wallpaper artwork, you give us the measurements of your wall or walls and you will receive the artwork rendering placed on the measurements of your kitchen, livingroom, bedroom or other space at home so you can see the result. The product is shipped to your home and it’s including the glue for the application. Check our gallery bellow for just a small part of what we can offer in wallpaper options.

Imagine all the creative amazing spaces you can do with all these beautiful designs!

We cannot wait show you these beauties… come visit us!