Beautiful wooden floors can transform your house to a home giving it real value.

The modern wood floor

Versatility and technological know-how together with ability and typical Italian artisan creativity, allow us to present you a very rich collection that will fit you space in a modern way.

In the tradition of laying wooden floors, various techniques are used such as aging, cutting and saw marking. At Floor Studio NDSM we recognize the importance of maintaining these traditions for an authentic result.

We work with one of the best Italian wood producers – using their years of experience in combination with our modern vision, we can offer a wide and varied collection. We have a range of textures from raw (we know the vintage lovers!) to more soft and classic woods.

The modernity comes not only from new tones but also from exciting techniques applied onto traditional types of wood – such as painted oak in gray and nude tones that made us fall in love (at first glance!) with this collection! A wooden floor may seem like a traditional choice but with all the possibilities we have to offer we make sure that it’s up to date.

What in the past made people reluctant about choosing a wooden floor nowadays is no longer a problem. Suitable for floor heating system, with antibacterial treatments, low inflammability, versatility in use, more sustainable, better resistance to scratching and staining are some of the points where this material got improved.

A wooden floor is the only floor that will become more beautiful and valuable throughout the years. When well treated it can last for generations in a unique way. It is a material that is alive and if there are traces of use it is something to be proud of,  just like your favorite pair of jeans with all its marks. Nothing can be compared to it, since no other material creates this effect.

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